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Karma Investment Properties is an active opportunistic and value-added real estate investment firm that is an investor, developer and asset manager of multifamily investment properties.

The firm’s investment philosophy is to identify and capitalize on emerging real estate trends in growing markets before they become noticed by the broader investment market.

Karma Investment Properties uses a niche acquisition strategy that capitalizes on targeting a specific group of growing and underserved rental housing consumers and applies its lifestyle community approach to the investments.

As a result of the uniqueness of the niche acquisition strategy and lifestyle community approach, it is essential that Karma Investment Properties provides hands-on oversight on all phases of the acquisition, management and construction process to insure the business plan is successfully executed. Karma Investment Properties team members play critical roles in each phase of the development process.


  • Real estate investing, even on a very small scale, remains a tried and true means of building an individual’s cash flow and wealth.

    - Robert Kiyosaki -

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Investing in and working with the Karma Investment Properties team is as easy as buying a cup of coffee.

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CEO / Director of Acquisitions

Karma Senge is President and CEO of K.I.P. Karma’s main expertise is in the acquisition of real estate properties. This includes marketing, analyzing of numbers, structuring the deal, negotiations, due diligence, and closing on the property.


Marketing Director

Since joining our team, Beth has helped the company create and reinvent every aspect of offline & online marketing the company does. Beth has years of marketing experience, including many years in various marketing management positions for many Fortune 500 companies.

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Acquisition Criteria


Karma Investment Properties seeks opportunistic and value-added multifamily investments in underperforming properties in targeted submarkets that can be repositioned to a specific niche market.

Underperforming and distressed properties can be acquired at a disproportionate discount because of the low pool of buyers with the expertise and niche acquisition strategy to finance, fix, manage, lease and enhance the operations.

Karma Investment Properties is executing a niche acquisition strategy that capitalizes on the growing and underserved middle market Hispanic segment by repositioning multifamily communities in select submarkets that meet its acquisition criteria.


  • Multifamily Communities
  • Class C or B
  • Single properties of 100+ units
  • Geographic focus: Central Florida Area (Locations near public transportation, shopping and employment)
  • Hispanic population of 30% or greater within 2-mile radius
  • Unit breakdown with larger percentage of 2 or 1 Br’s
  • Individual electric meters & Central HVAC, preferred
  • Washer/Dryer connections, preferred, but not mandatory
  • Upside rent potential from asset enhancements
  • No rent restrictions

Keys to Success

How & Why We Are Succeeding

  • Cater to Underserved Middle Market Rental Housing Segment: New construction of multi-family properties tends to be concentrated at both ends of the spectrum from luxury to low income. Much of the middle market inventory comes from aging luxury properties or upgraded older properties.
  • Cater to High Growth Hispanic Demographic: One of the biggest impacts to the rental housing marketing is the changing demographic profile of this country.
  • Offer Unmatched Competitive Advantage: Create a unique niche community lifestyle for specific Hispanic target niche. With little competition, our properties get higher rents.
  • Favorable Industry and Economic Conditions: Multifamily properties have the strongest real estate industry fundamentals of all asset classes, and real estate intrinsic values are well below replacement cost in many areas creating great buying opportunities.
  • To be successful in real estate, you must always and consistently put your clients’ best interests first.

    - Anthony Hitt -

Investment Lifecycle

How it works and fits together


Partnering With Us

Come join us and see what we can do for you.

Karma Investment Properties offers an unmatched operational competitive advantage through its unique Lifestyle Community Approach. Karma Investment Properties repositions residential communities aimed at specific target markets that solve daily living problems so as to provide a better quality of life for its rental customers.

The Lifestyle Community Approach creates product uniqueness so it’s not just another multi-family property. Most multi-family properties are commoditized – they are similar, and differentiate very little. Karma Investment Properties lifestyle communities stand out among the crowd of other multifamily properties, generating many operational and financial benefits.

KIP’s Lifestyle Community Approach follows a simple three step process:

  • Find out what the targeted rental customer wants
  • Go get it
  • Give it to them

Understanding the customer and building a rental housing community around the needs and living problems of a target market creates a lifestyle and sense of community that is unmatched in the marketplace. A property will generate higher occupancy and higher rents, leading to higher investment returns using Karma Investment Properties Community Lifestyle Approach.

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